Monday, October 25, 2010's been a while...I've been busy:)'s been a while since I posted, BUT I was busy! On August 17th, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Delaney. I was fully expecting to jump right back into the jewelry making without skipping a beat. I even scheduled a craft show 2 1/2 weeks after she was born. Before I met her, I didn't think that would be a problem. However, the morning of, I was bawling my eyes out at the thought of leaving her for 8 hours. I fully did not expect her to survive the day without me and I didn't think I would survive without her (Luckily, my husband brought her to visit me because he knew I was struggling:) Anyway, to make a long story short, she changed my schedule for making jewelry. Now, instead of working at 2 pm, I am often working at 9 pm, while holding a bottle with my chin and trying to print out Paypal labels with my left hand pecking at the keyboard. I honestly can't believe how such a little person can control my entire day. Not to mention that fact that hammering metal is not exactly the best way to keep a napping baby asleep. Although the naps are few and far between because she doesn't want to miss a beat. Combine that with my sister's five-year-old boy and 10-month-old daughter and you can imagine that a work day at Tag...You're It is not what you would call typical. However, we make it work:) We've been busy preparing for the holiday season. (Hint, Hint: ORDER NOW TO AVOID THE HOLIDAY RUSH AND TO ENSURE YOUR DELIVERY FOR CHRISTMAS:) ...Although, I guess since you are reading our blog, I should tell you to wait for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale:) Yes, we have been busy preparing for Christmas.

Right now, this is my Tag...You're It to-do list:

1. DEBUTING OUR CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS- You will love them and have to have one- I can't WAIT! Look for them by next week:)
2. finalizing our copper bracelets

3. coming out with more men's items (we did finally make a men's style necklace that is now on our site-yay!) such as- guitar picks, more keychain styles, leather cuff bracelets with personalized silver...

4. listing our gift certificates so that they can be sent as pdf files

5. stamping silver cuff bracelets

6. more soldered necklaces- look for these before Christmas:)

7. prepare for our three remaining shows of the season (Come see us at IUPUI this Saturday with a LONG list of great vendors and the Saturday after Thanksgiving at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds for an etsy vendor show which will be fabulous!!!)

8. oh, and of course, stamp orders and ship them out!!:)

Here are a few new items and we have much more coming soon...


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