Friday, August 24, 2012


I'm linking up with Life Rearranged this week to share some Instagram pictures from my life around central Indiana.

Here is a current description of the last few weeks:

1. Black screen of death- never a good way to start the day
2. Del turned 2...I bought a princess potty.  Happy Birthday! She likes to sit on it for fun, but no success in the toilet yet.
3. Made some party favors with some ziplock baggies and a printer.
4. Don't we all have bad hair when we wake up from a nap?
5. a small preview of our new bronze nuggets necklace.  LOVE.
6. I love cuddling with her.  This reminds me of a newborn picture I have of her.
7. Delaney picked a flower for me:)
8. Mark bought me flowers for my birthday.
9. Delaney had a birthday sundae at Orange Leaf and she kind of licked the bowl at the end.
10. Been busy making some bronze necklaces for the holiday season.
11. Cousins enjoying some froyo together.

Okay, I know I just mentioned this in my last post, BUT you can follow me on Instagram @tyijewelry!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shop Update

Okay, it is August 22nd, which means we're rolling into the Christmas season.  Hobby Lobby has had their Christmas trees out for about two months now (thanks for stressing me out Hobby Lobby), and as soon as the "back to school" promos end, it will be time for the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas commercials.

My sister and I been very blessed with Tag...You're It Jewelry.  Sales are fairly steady throughout the year, with an increase around Mother's Day. However, we do almost half of our yearly sales between October and November.  We would probably do well during December too, but we close our shop during the month of December to spend time with our families.  Yes, we're missing out on a lot of Christmas sales, but baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate with a 7 year-old and two 2-year-olds is a time that can't be replaced.

Brodi and I have been trying to get as much ready as possible.  Along with online orders, we will also be participating in four "shows" this fall, which requires a lot of prep work.  We just ordered more business cards and have been trying to stamp "extra" unpersonalized necklaces as much as possible.  We have also been trying to update the shop with as many new designs as possible.

This necklace was designed for Denise Richards.  We are part of a group called "The Artisan Group".  We have the opportunity to send celebrities gifts that actually gets into their hands through this group.

We were also able to send a necklace to Nia Peeples, from Pretty Little Liars.  She ended up wearing our necklace and tweeting a picture of herself, which was pretty great.

Here are a few other designs that are new to the shop recently:

All of our new designs are available in our etsy shop {} and our website {}

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I'll admit, twitter confuses me, but I'M TRYING!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear two-year-old birthday girl,

Dear 2-year-old Delaney,

This year has seriously flown by.  I know all mothers say that, but it's true.  I feel like we were just celebrating your Elmo party, and now Elmo is long gone and getting ready to be sold in garage sales.

This has been the year of Mickey Mouse.  Your daddy and I decided to get rid of cable to save some money, which means we do not get to DVR Mickey Mouse.  Instead, we own two DVDs and I'm pretty sure they won't last much longer.  Sometimes you take a break, and watch "ewah" (Cinderella), but not a day goes by when you don't want to watch "Mickey Mouse".  You keep your stuffed Minnie at your side at all times and won't go to sleep without her.

I often refer to you these days as a parrot.  Sorry, kid.  But you repeat EVERYTHING we say.  You are a great talker and like to mimic our words.  Usually, a conversation goes like this:

"Let's get ready to go bye-bye"
go bye-bye!
"Go get your shoes on"
sues on! Okay, mommy.
"We're going to the store"
to the stow?

and so on... It's pretty adorable, especially when you try to repeat everything I say during your prayers at night as soon as the words leave my mouth.  You also say "okaayee?" after pretty much everything.

You also like to sing like mommy and you are a dancing fool.  Most of your dancing involves spinning in a circle, yelling "ashey-ashey" and then you fall on your behind (your version of ring around the rosie).  When you don't want me to sing, you put your hand out like a stop sign and yell "STOP MOMMY, STOP!"  It sometimes hurts my feelings, especially if it's a loud pop ballad.

You've kind of stopped eating meals.  Instead you snack on applesauce and cheese cubes all day and takes bites of meals here and there.  You love your milk and juice like mommy loves her baja Mountain Dew.

Your best friends are your cousins, Harper and Isaac.

You run everywhere you go.  There is no walking. ever.
Sometimes you throw tantrums-like in Walmart, where the employee let me go in the 20 item and under even though I had a full cart because I looked like a crazy frazzled woman and she didn't want me to cause a scene.  And then we both left crying.  But those days are few.

Most of the time, you are such a good girl.  You have a soft voice and a gentle spirit.  Today, you warmed my heart when you asked to be rocked at naptime (rockee, rockee?).  You love your mommy and daddy and of course, "sheriush" (our dog, Sirius).  If I ever even look sad for a moment, you come over and say "you okay, mommy?"  And if you accidentally step on a foot, you always say "shawee mommy" (sorry).

You kind of have a mullet right now.  We're growing your bangs out, so I think you'll forgive me later in life.  You hate to have your hair fixed, but always say "tank you mommy" through the tears when I'm done.

Your perfect day includes waking up and watching Mickey, playing with toys, going to the park, and maybe some Orange Leaf Yogurt (or is that my perfect day?) Well, maybe it's our perfect day.

You still aren't a great sleeper.  You never have been.  You just really like to wake up super early and you only like to take a short hour nap.  I hear about others kids your age who sleep in until 9 and sleep 3 hours in the afternoon.  I guess you missed that baby memo.

You're growing super fast right before my eyes.  It's nice to be able to know what you need know for the most part because you're talking more and more to me everyday.  Your daddy and I have so much fun playing with you everyday and cuddling with you every evening.  We pray that you will know Christ when you get older and spend your life glorifying and serving Him.  We pray that He will give you the desires of your heart and that He will protect and guide you through every step of your life. 

We love you so much girly-girl. 
You are my sunshine and I hope you have a

HAPPY 2 year-old BIRTHDAY!

Your Mommy

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Embrace the Camera at the Children's Museum

Well, this is my first time to embrace the camera as a 28-year-old.

I celebrated my birthday on Sunday, and part of my celebration involved going to the Children's Museum because that is fun to do when you have a 2-year-old.  Rather than dwell on the fact that I'm getting older and the wrinkles around my eyes are steadily increasing, I thought I'd share our trip to the museum.

Mark has been wanting to go to see the Hot Wheels exhibit- they have taken Hot Wheels cars and built real life-size replicas.

Delaney enjoyed this way more than the Barbie exhibit, and I think I did too.

Delaney refused to let Mark or me sit with her on the carousel.  She wanted to sit by herself- on a bench, not a horse.  I don't blame her- her parents are way overprotective and there were a lot of cute boys her age there.

I kind of hang out in the back and let her do her thing when we go to a museum.  Mark wins the Daddy medal though because he always plays with her.  I love that about him.

Be sure to get IN FRONT of the camera this week and embrace it!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Obsessions 2012

As summer is winding down (okay, it's not really winding down, but I like to pretend it will not be this hot for the rest of my life), I have decided to share what I've been obsessed with over this summer.  These are just a few things on my list that I'm crushing on (do people still say that?):
Future society books

A friend recommended both of these book series to me.  I think they are for teenage girls, but I still love them.  They are just more of the Hunger Games style- future United States, un-utopian society, teenage girl power who happen to fall in love.  Both of the series currently have two books written and the final books come out next year.  I was dying at the end of Pandemonium...I am in agony waiting for the sequel.

Jamberry Nails

So, my sis-in-law starting selling these, and I had never heard of them, but after trying, I think I will have them on my toes for the rest of my life.  They are kind of like the Sally Hansen sticker nails BUT they stay on for weeks (I just took my toenail ones off after 2 weeks- they looked fine, but I was ready for change).  I love that they don't chip and the color and print options are so much fun.  I chip nail polish off after 2 minutes, and i kept my jamberry nails on my fingers for a week (only one was falling off at that point, and it could have been fixed with nail glue, but I took them off 'cause I was again ready for a new pattern).  Anyway, I'm obsessed. You can order them HERE if you're interested!

The Dark Knight Rises

Ugh.  Okay, I know this is supposed to be a girly jewelry blog, but I'm sorry, I love superhero movies.  More than my husband does.  I grew up convinced I was going to marry Superman and dressed like Supergirl for Halloween a few times.  I played Power Rangers with my brother and boy cousins until I was in junior high and have always loved good movies.  And after seeing The Dark Knight finale last weekend, I can say that I loved it. 
Loved.  It.

Orange Leaf Yogurt
I hate when people talk about their love of froyo (I feel like it happens frequently), but I can't help it.  I wouldn't have made it through this summer without a weekly pineapple/coconut cup of frozen yogurt with some raspberries and weird jelly fruit ball things on top.

Target farrah fretwork curtains

I bought a blue pair to go in my living room (even though I have green and white walls, it still looked great) and then a black single curtain for the office.  I'm trying to figure out where I can put the orange color even though I have no bare windows left.  Oh and they're on sale until tomorrow at

library movies
What?!  I can rent Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movies AND new release movies from my local library for free and keep them for a week and then renew them on my computer when I'm too lazy to return them?  Who knew?! 

Pinterest recipes

(this was a chicken parmesan I made- it looks burnt, but it wasn't.  it was delicious. recipe HERE)

This has changed my cooking life.  I HATE cooking.  HATE it.  Absolutely loath and despise it.  I hate spending 40 minutes cooking and then it is eaten in 10 minutes and I have a sink full of dishes.  SO, I've spent the summer finding crock pot recipes that involve throwing frozen chicken and random cans of food into it and having a meal 6-8 hours later.  You can find me on pinterest here.

What are your current summer obsessions?


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