Monday, June 21, 2010

Fishers Freedom Festival!!

Fishers Freedom Festival is this Saturday from 9-8 pm and this Sunday from 10-8 pm. COME and SEE us there and check out our necklaces up close! It is held at the Roy G. Holland Memorial Park (1 Park Drive) off Holland Drive and Eclipse Parkway in Fishers.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Copper Pieces!!

Woof! Woof! We are starting to make dog tags because the ones you buy at PetSmart just aren't cute enough. The big, black schmear on the right is not from the stamping:) It is to protect the number of Sadie's owners.

 I am in love with this new piece, which is also available in all silver HERE!! (Brodi designed it, so I guess I'll give her the credit). Such a cute phrase and you can stamp your children's names on the back of the disc. It is a copper disc with a smaller sterling silver disc/moon soldered to it.

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." -Scott Adams

Okay, here are a few of our new copper necklaces/dog tags we have been working on. We have a few more that we need to finish and post. We have been working on "non-custom" necklaces for our shows coming up. I look forward to making some custom copper pieces after our show next week. However, today we had other priorities (the pool was calling our names)...

To see all of the new pieces in our shop, visit us HERE!!

A Day in the Life of a Handstamped Jewelry Artist (since I'm sure You've always wondered)...

These are our new business cards and packaging!! I didn't include an up close picture, but we are really happy with the way they turned out. We have already changed looks three times now because we are indecisive women, but I think we've finally settled:)

The aggression of a pregnant woman...Okay, some days I seriously feel like stamping like this, but it actually requires much more precision (for instance, I'm not even holding a stamp, haha). Obviously, you can see that my current stamping station is my living room. Mark doesn't love it, but it until we move into that dream house with the giant furnished basement with the special jewelry room corner, the living room will have to suffice.

Yay! This is our sign for our upcoming summer shows. Brodi did this (my handwriting is not up to par and she will be the first to remind me) and I think it came out fabulous! We will set this up towards the front of the tent. We'll be sure to post pics of our final display after our first summer show next weekend.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, we worked from 9-3 on jewelry today. We had some new copper necklaces we have been working that we WANTED to take pics of and post on the website. However, right after Brodi started taking pictures, some ominous black clouds rolled in. Our pictures look best in natural light, so the camera went away for the day. A few hours later, the REAL storms rolled in, which are still passing by right now. A house on my street was struck by lightning (no one currently lives there) and so there was basically a neighborhood block party outside while we watched the firemen put out the fire in the rain (I guess we live in a nosy neighborhood and were all willing to risk our own lives in the lightning to watch them work). Anyway, in tribute to the summer storms, here are some of my favorite storm inspired pieces from etsy!

Afternoon Shower Tee by

Tower of Yesterday by

Rainy Day Apron by

Rainy Drops Coinpurse by

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coming up on the first year of business...

Well... I found it was time to start a blog! I've really enjoyed looking at fellow etsians (etsian= someone who sells products on the website, blogs and can't believe our etsy page was started less than a year ago! August will be an important month- Delaney is due the 20th!, my birthday, my nephew Isaac's birthday, AND the one year anniversary of Tag...You're It! Jewelry. I will give a little background on myself and our business adventure:

I am a 25 year old Hoosier who married her high school sweetheart and is a born again Christian. My first passion is worshipping the Lord with my voice, but I don't see a career panning out for me with music:) I have a degree from IUPUI in elementary education. I taught for a year and a half after graduating, but we are now expecting our first child in August. I LOVE teaching- I really do. However, it wipes EVERYTHING out of me. At this point, I know that I need to take at least a year off when the baby (Delaney) is born and we'll see where life takes me. I honestly can't imagine teaching all day and then coming home to take care of a child, but I know thousands do it. I really am throwing my heart and soul into Tag..You're It in hopes that I can stay at home with my kids while they are little because I know I will never get that time back.

My husband, Mark, is a Marine Corps Veteran who is currently working as a manufacturing engineer and going to school at night for Mechanical Engineering Technology. He is super busy and when he does have a spare moment I'm usually asking him to help me with something for jewelry. While I type, he is out in the garage pouring concrete for weights on our craft show tent.

So, the point of this blog is mainly to keep you in the loop about TYI and to support other etsy sellers and handmade items. However, I'm sure I'll pop in with personal stories quite frequently! Right now, I have a baby coming in less than two months, yet my mind is focused on 18 inch cable chains. I am eager for the day when I am not a jewelry-brained frazzled mess, but until then I'm just going to have to be this way.

Current Tag...You're IT News:

We are currently working really hard for the Fishers Freedom Festival. This will be our first big show, and the website says that 60,000 people attend. Wait...60,000 people... AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (That is what has been running through my mind the last few weeks). We have been trying to up our inventory and have designed some great new copper necklaces, which I will post tomorrow or Tuesday. As for now, I'm just going to post some pics of our current designs for those of you in the blogworld who have never been to our website.


All components of our necklaces are sterling silver and/or copper:


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