Friday, March 1, 2013

Names Chosen & New Designs!!


Thank you SO much for submitting names for our new necklaces!!  

We LOVE surprising people with a keepsake necklace and if your names were not chosen, be sure to keep up with us on facebook and follow our blog, because we will do this again when we need some new designs!

Here are the names of the people who will be receiving free necklaces:

1) Jessi Martin (Elizabeth, Kasie)
2) Amber Arnold (Lexy)
3) Becky Tunink Navarro (Molly, Aedan, Logan
4) Amanda Campton (Madison, Matthew)
5) Crystal Myers (Kendall, Carissa)
6) Mary McCanna (Philip, Andree, Benjamin)

If your names were chosen, please email us at with your shipping information. 

All of the pieces in our new birthstone collection will be available soon at 


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