Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Letter to my Little Girl...

Dear  Delaney,

Well you passed through your "terrible two's" and became a 3 year-old!!  I am so proud of you and was so excited for your birthday because I know you were looking forward to it for a month!

[Getting ready to get the party STARTED!]

Even though I really tried to persuade you into a Princess Sofia party, or Little Mermaid, or Dora, you chose Buzz Lightyear!  I had to pass all the purple-pink decorations at the Party Store and head towards the boy aisle of lime green and blue. Right now, you are my little tomboy.  On the fourth of July, you wanted the lady making balloon animals to make you a sword, rather than a cute animal.  Yet, you love to wear twirly dresses and put on lots and lots and lots of lip gloss.  

I was finally able to conquer attempt a french braid this summer, which was a major accomplishment for me.  You still "technically" have a mullet and I'm waiting for the sides of your hair to match the back, but all in good time.  

You really like to say "sure, okay" instead of "yes" and "WHY?" about 400 times a day.  You have debuted a new smile, which can be seen in the first picture...

You say your prayers every night which usually includes
"Thank you for Jesus, thank you for providing for our bodies. Amen,"

which is more true than you even realize. 

Enjoying the Indiana State Fair

Your very best friend and worst enemy is Harper- you play together wonderfully until you both want the same toy...You love "kikalay" (chick-fil-a), which is okay by me, because I think I could eat there everyday. 

You love to take care of your baby dolls very carefully right now and slowly feed them and give them bottles.  I know that you are going to be a wonderful big sister in October and I can't wait for you to be my big helper!  
Helping your daddy paint your bookshelves

When I tell you I "love you a bunch" you always so "NO, a baby much" and hold up a pinch finger.  I know to you this means the world, even though it makes me laugh 'cause it looks like you love me just a smidge.

Love forever and ever,

Your mommy

P.S. I love you a baby much too.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Summer in Pictures

We have had a great summer here in Indiana.  It has been the mildest summer that I can remember and I have even worn jeans, rather than shorts, on more than one occasion.  Most of the kids in this area, including my nephew, returned to school today, giving a feeling that summer is over.  We still technically have a month left, but I wanted to share some photos of our summer so far...


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