Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby News, Jewelry News, and stuff in between...

Well the month of June completely passed me by and I never blogged a thing.  Whoops.  June was a bit of a crazy month.

We sold our house, bought a new house, moved in, had an outdoor jewelry show, had a garage sale, set up our new jewelry studio, celebrated birthdays, and found out some news about our  baby that results in a lot more doctors visits and a lot more prayer.

Mark and I are having a baby boy!  Woo-hoo!  We ALMOST have a name picked out, but not ready to have it embroidered on any quilts quite yet.  However, an ultrasound a few weeks ago discovered the baby has gastroschisis...I mean a mother with scleroderma and her son with gastroschisis (can we just get some normal medical jargon in this family for once without having to google?!).  We were immediately sent to the high risk doctors so that they could take a look.  It turns out his intestines are on the outside of his body right now just floating around like it's cool.  It is actually somewhat common and is MORE common in Indiana for some unknown reason (I like to blame crop pesticides, but since Mark is an engineer for crop sprayers, I don't know if he will agree:)

When people refer to the "good old days", I can't help but be happy I live in 2013. If I lived in 1950, there would be nothing we could do and our little son would not survive, but because of today's technology he *should* be fine.  As soon as he is delivered, they will sweep him away and surgeons will set him up to "stick his intestines back in" as my doctor so eloquently phrased it (with hand motions and all like she was packing a suitcase).

We are so fortunate to live only 20 minutes from the BEST children's hospital in the country (Riley), but it is unknown whether our boy will spend a couple of weeks in the NICU or a couple of months.  There are a LOT of unknowns, but we are hopeful and prayerful for a smooth recovery.  I also can't help but praise God because it could be worse.  It could be a lot worse.  This is "fixable" and there might be some lifelong complications, but nothing that cannot be "fixed" by additional surgeries down the road.

Our son was originally due November 1st, but because of this, he will be induced in early October to lower the risk of complications.

Which is why, as mentioned on our facebook page, we are unsure what this fall/Christmas season will bring.  We are planning and preparing for the holiday season ALREADY so that I can be at the hospital and focus on my son and not whether or not I stamped a copper disc in the correct font.

We are running a Christmas in July sale to encourage you to order early!  If you had planned to order for Christmas, this is a great time to get 15% off your ENTIRE purchase.  We are continuing to introduce new necklaces, which I hope to share later this week!


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