Friday, July 23, 2010

Farts in the Park

Let me first explain that we are from Brownsburg, born and raised. Therefore, growing up, every year there would be "Brownsburg Arts in the Park," which my dad would always refer to as "Farts in the Park" and we found that hilarious. It was a huge craft show that ALWAYS seemed to be held on the hottest day of the year. It was almost a town joke that it was always on the hottest day of the year and not to try to go down SR 267 on that day because of the traffic. Well, "farts in the park" has dwindled down over the years and it is now referred to as the "Festival of the Arts" and I don't think "Festival of the Farts" is nearly as funny, but how were they supposed to know when they changed the name?

We were really looking forward to this show and were hoping to do really well. Unfortunately, it seemed to be held on the hottest day of the year again. It was probably 95 degrees outside and the sun never went behind the clouds. I think that kept a lot of people away. The show just isn't as popular as it used to be either, which could be attributed to the economy. We had a good time, but it seemed to be a ghost town after lunch time. The highlight of my day was drinking a strawberry lemonade smoothie. The lowlight of my day was when I felt my feel swell (I am 8 months pregant if you didn't know). All of a sudden I looked down and Brodi and I just started laughing. Each toe looked like a sausage. It was gross. Thank goodness I had a pedicure last week, so they looked like sausages with neat red polish.

So, here are some pics of the show. Sorry, no sausage pictures, not that you wanted to see them anyway. Oh, we did have a lady from the Hendricks County ICON magazine interview us for an "artist" piece. Look for us in the ICON in the next month if you live in Hendricks County!

Yes, we have changed our look AGAIN!! Haha! Well, we bought this great stamp from Twisted Sisters and so we stamped all of our boxes and bags and we think they look super cute!!

We were already tearing down by the time I remembered to take some pics. Pretty similar to the Fishers Show, but turned the tables so that you could not walk inside of the booth.

It seems each show we're adding a bit more and trying to perfect our display. Maybe by the end of the show season, we will have it exactly right:)

My dad is always thrilled to come and help set up and tear down a jewelry display:) I'm sure he would rather be at home, but it is nice to have the help from the guys, especially when it comes to the tent! Oh, notice our new directors chairs. I found them on Craigslist and they work out great because we can still see everyone without feeling like we are sitting on the floor. We just need one more, so if anyone is getting rid of their tall director's chair, let me know!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fishers Freedom Festival

Well, we completed our first large summer show. We have one more, then I'm having a baby, then we begin our fall shows. Fishers went well--the crowd was much smaller than we hoped, but the threat of rain kept a lot of people away. We still had a good time though (except for when we tried to zip the tent walls up, which was a nightmare). This was our first show using a tent, and we were really happy with the outcome. Although it was 95 degrees outside, we were under a tree in a very shady area with a nice breeze.


Haha! I had to blog about this. So, from one of our trusted suppliers I ordered a black jewelry case that our jewelry trays slipped into. It kind of looks like a small canvas suitcase. Well, the box came, and as with any new mail, I quickly opened it to look at my new purchase. Well, to my surprise this is what I found inside....

I could NOT stop laughing. I felt like the mom in The Christmas Story when they open the box and find a giant leg lamp inside. I am not sure what jeweler WOULD use this display to hang necklaces, but it is not quite our style. Luckily, after a phone call, our case was on the way. This on the otherhand is still sitting in my kitchen because I just can't seem to send it back yet.

Living and Learning about Shows...

Well, live and learn, right? This was a show we did at the end of May, I think. The lesson we learned is don't do shows from people who email you the week before to ask you to be a vendor. Oh, and don't do it if it is the first show they have ever done. Oh, and don't do it if it is in a bad neighborhood. Oh, and "Mass Ave" could mean ANYWHERE on Massachusetts Avenue, not necessarily the retail district. Oh, and check to make sure the location is not up 3 full flights of stairs when you are pregnant. Oh, and when it is 85 degrees outside, make sure the location has air conditioning. I could go on for a lot longer. But, we did make a very small profit, which covered our vendor money, bought us a milkshake on the way home, and put a LITTLE money in our pocket. And at least our display looked cute:)


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