Monday, October 9, 2017

Welcome Back.

So...if you're new am I.  Kind of.  I haven't blogged since September of 2014.  Exactly two days before my son was born.  I didn't intend on stopping, but you take up a lot of time.  One month turned into two and then three years past. Whoops.  So, here's what you missed. 

Meet Gideon.  He's 3 now and he's awesome.

My daughter has grown up a lot and is turning into a beautiful, smart young lady.  She's 7 now and rockin' the first grade.

Tag...You're It™ Jewelry has FINALLY joined the Instagram world!  We'd love for you to follow us @tagyoureitjewelry...we added my sister-in-law to the business last year and are always trying to add gorgeous and relevant designs.  Here is some of our latest work.

 If you're new here...welcome.  If you were here FOREVER ago...welcome back.  I hope you return and I promise I will too.


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