Friday, April 27, 2012

Life through my phone

I decided to link up with Life Rearranged this week for her Insta-Friday.
Here is a small peek of my week...

 Delaney and her cousins played in her great-grandmas backyard earlier in the week.  Our backyard is not much larger than a postage stamp, so it is nice for her to be able to really run around.

I have been slightly obsessed with guacamole lately.  I buy those "guacamole" seasoning packets, mix with the avocados, and put it on pretty much everything we eat except for pancakes.  
This was a BLT WITH guacamole.

Del wants to play "ring around the rosey" pretty much all day everyday.  She only says "ashy, ashy" and then she falls on her booty.  
Over and over again.

My friends have been talking about CHARMING Charlie non-stop for a few months, so I FINALLY 
made the 40 minute drive to check it out.  I was in complete awe and after walking around for an hour, still felt like I didn't see everything.  I still managed to spent more money than intended, of course.

Since Del woke up at 6 am today, we went to McDonalds for breakfast.  Del made sure to share her fruit parfait with Sirius when we got home.  Then, of course, she finished the rest on her own.

And, FINALLY, here is a sneak peek of a FEW new designs.  We have our photo shoot on Monday and have been working non-stop making new designs.  
Can't wait for your to see the final products...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mother's Day orders

Mother's Day if May 13th, which means our custom order deadline is tomorrow! (domestic orders only)

Our current turnaround time is 2 weeks, so if you order by tomorrow (April 20) we will ship your necklace by 
May 4th.  
This will give it nine days to arrive to your home though the USPS.  

It usually only takes a few days to arrive, so if you order in the next week it still MIGHT arrive by Mother's Day, but we cannot guarantee it. 

Just a reminder, all of our chains are sterling silver and our discs are 
fine silver or sterling silver.  
We do have some brass and copper framed pieces, which will be mentioned in the listing.  

Sterling silver eventually tarnishes, but it can easily be cleaned and restored to it's original beauty, 
unlike aluminum.
It will also never wear off, like sterling plated pieces.

We do have upgraded shipping options available on our website if you like to wait until the last minute :)

Also, if you are a facebook fan, you can use coupon code
FACEBOOKFAN10 to save 10% off your order!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

That's Elmo's World...

Delaney will be 2 in August (okay, she is technically 20 months, but before I had kids, I had to count on my fingers how old that was, which annoyed me).  So, she's almost 2.

She has a slight love for Elmo.  She probably asks me to watch "ehmo" 15 times a day.  At least.  AND we don't have DVR, which means we can watch it at 10 o'clock once a day.  
OR we can watch the two elmo videos we own, which I have memorized.

So, we HAD to get her tickets to Sesame Street Live, even though she will not remember it and when buying tickets, we knew there was a slight chance that she would scream through it or sleep through it.  

We ended up having a great time and only had to leave about 10 minutes early since she was trying to rush the stage.  
I am letting you look at almost all of my pictures, 'cause I know how much fun it is to look at other people's family photos.  

I didn't cry at any of the vocal performances like I did during Wicked
 (seriously even when listening in my car, I usually shed a tear), 
but the voiced over recordings sounded great:)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chain, Chain, Chain...

Some changes around the Tag...You're It shop.  

FIRST, we have TWO completely new products that will be debuting next month 
AFTER our professional photo shoot 
{yes, we mean professional, not with our own cameras in our grandma's backyard like last time}.

I'm super eager and excited about the new products, but trying to be patient.  

A change that is already in the works is our new chains.  We will still be carrying our ball chains, but our new standard chains will be box chains.

We love the ball chains, but we felt a lot of people were wanting something "daintier" or "girlier".  
Brodi and I have been wearing/testing the box chains for over a month and are in love and we hope you love them too.  

We have been photographing new pictures of necklaces with the new chains and have also updated some of our necklaces.

So I always felt like the first picture looks like I ran over the necklace with my car, but it is our #1 seller, so we haven't updated it until now.

We also have some new designs.  Most of them won't appear until after the [photoshoot], but 
here is another mixed metal necklace that we added to our shop after a custom order 
our new chains.

ALSO, don't forget that Mother's Day cutoff is April 20th UNLESS you choose to upgrade shipping.
Be sure to be a facebook fan to get a special discount!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dying Eggs!

Last week, my mom thought it would be fun for her 3 grandkids to dye Easter eggs together.  
They were told to put on old clothes (Del is only 18 months old, so she doesn't really have OLD clothes:) and meet on the back porch.

A few weeks ago, I showed some beautiful natural dyed Easter eggs and had every intention of going that route.  However, I just didn't have the time or energy to go in the woods and pick boysenberries, so instead we used fizzy dye from the Dollar Tree.

 I hope it was nontoxic because I'm pretty sure Harper drank the vinegar/dye combination like Kool-Aid.  Yum.

Isaac was the professional egg dipper.  He's 6, which makes him a veteran.

Delaney ended up with beautifully colored eggs, although she stuck them all in the purple dye, so I don't know how that happened.

These girls spilled almost every dye cup by the time we were finished and only dropped a few eggs.
Overall, I consider that a great success.  

The egg dying crew...

When we were kids, we always dyed eggs the night before Easter Sunday.  It was always comical going to church with purple, blue, and green hands.  

Harper dyed all of her eggs green.

All of them.

On a side note, I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday and are able to reflect on Jesus Christ's sacrifice and death on the cross for us because of his love.  

And we can LIVE and celebrate and do silly things like color eggs and eat chocolate bunnies because 
Our God is ALIVE!!  


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