Thursday, August 5, 2010

We're Famous:)

Well....Here is the article that featured us in the Hendricks County ICON. It is a paper delivered to three zipcodes in Hendricks County (not exactly USA Today, but WE'LL TAKE IT!!). I live in Hendricks County, but don't even get a copy, but that is okay:) The woman who wrote the article called Brodi and I at different times, and we both laughed afterwards because we are so UNeloquent on the telephone. At one point, I think the words, "We think the necklaces are cool," came out of my mouth, although I'm embarrassed to admit. However, she took our flawed words and put a nice article together, so we are grateful. Oh, and when looking at the photo, please keep in mind that it was over 90 degrees that day, and we're not styling new manly haircuts- they were just pulled back in ponytails:)

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