Thursday, May 24, 2012

Catching Up...

So, I haven't blogged in almost two weeks.  Ugh.  I've taken a lot of pictures, I just don't have the TIME.  My reason for blogging is not to gain new followers (although that makes me happy) or make sure that you take an interest in my exciting life. 
 It is for myself- it is so I can document what was going on in this crazy child raising, jewelry making stages of life.  I used to be a scrapbookeralholic (that's a word, right?).  I still have ALL of the supplies sitting in a closet ready to go, but I haven't printed out an actual picture in almost 2 years (gasp), so I blog instead.

Anyway, this is a catch up post- Part one.  Here's is what has been going on around here in the last month or so...

Mark graduated with his bachelor's degree from college!!  This is a BIG. DEAL.  For both of us.  After spending five years in the Marine Corps, he was determined to use his GI Bill and get his degree.  The last six years have involved Mr. H going to work every day and then driving 30 minutes to school 3-4 nights a week until about 10 pm.  It also involved massive studying on weekends and me demanding that he accept a C instead of an A so that we could have time to go to the apple orchard in the fall.  We *might* have even scheduled Delaney's birth around his class schedule, but I wouldn't admit that since it makes me sound like a horrible mother.

He graduated with honors and was in the top 4% of his mechanical engineering technology class. 
I'm super duper proud of this guy.

The ceremonies were long and boring, which I think is what makes them official.

Okay, what else has happened in the last few weeks?  Well...our dog, Sirius Black, had to have surgery because of a torn ACL (he doesn't even play football), so he spend two weeks driving me insane and running into my calf with his awesome cone while on some serious drugs. 

Summer seems to have started and it is time for the pool!  I finally found a hat that Delaney will is my beach hat, but if she keeps it on her head for more than 30 seconds, it is a success.

I've also been pretty busy with the jewelry.  We had a great show last week, and I'll post some pics soon.  We've made a LOT of new designs lately and are slowly getting them added to the shop.

More catch up to come if I ever take the time to upload my pictures...

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