Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beautiful day for a photo shoot

Last night was our first ever Tag...You're It Jewelry professional photo shoot!!
We were super excited and had been planning for it for a while.
However, my excitement started to turn to worry when I saw the weather radar.  
There were definitely some thunderstorm warnings and severe rain.  
Here was the view driving to the shoot.
(Oh and yes, it was an outdoor photo shoot)

Our photographer, Laurel, from Laurel Hasner Photography, was incredible.
She was ready to go, rain or shine (in this case torrential downpours).

Our sweet friend, Andrea, and our Aunt Becky were our professional (probono) models.
We had so much fun and laughed A LOT-
 not AT them, but with them like when Andrea had water dripping down her back and on her legs like Chinese water torture. 

I cannot WAIT to see the final pictures and I know they will be incredible!  
Thanks again Laurel, Amanda and our lovely models!
What a fun evening!

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