Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting and Halloween

Happy Voting Day!  I just got home from a fun filled trip of voting and Wal-Mart with a two year old, which involved Delaney almost knocking down the voting booth that I was voting at, getting a large watermelon Blow-Pop stuck to the pants of the patient voting man in front of me, asking the elderly woman behind me in line to "hold my place please" as I chased down my screaming daughter, one loud public meltdown by the checkout of Walmart, a spilled 30 lbs. bag of dog food in the middle of the aisle, and a melted Kit-Kat bribery bar that melted all over Delaney's hands, coat, and car, in which I'm pretty sure everyone around me thought it was toddler poop.

Yes, another successful day in motherhood. (I know you think I'm being sarcastic, but seriously, that's not the worst day we've had, so overall I count it as a success or an average outing).

On another note, I'm about a week behind on all of the cute Halloween blogging pictures, but I did want to share our pics, in case you aren't a facebook friend.

This year, I wanted Delaney to be Minnie Mouse.  She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. LOVES IT.  So, I bought her a $15 Minnie Mouse dress and thought she'd be excited.  She hated it.

She wouldn't come within a five yard radius without screaming.  SO, I tried putting on the Snow White dress from my mother-in-law.  Another failure.  She screamed and wanted nothing to do with the beautiful dress.

A few days before Halloween, we went to Walmart and saw some skeleton pajamas in black and pink.  She loved them and called them her "pirate" pajamas.

Did I personally have a small meltdown that involved real tears because I wanted my daughter to be a princess instead of a pirate?  Yes.

Did Mark have to remind me that it is about her and not me and that I was being ridiculous?  Yes.

Did I throw a small tantrum that involved me crying, "SHE'S  A TWO YEAR OLD GIRL AND I JUST WANT HER TO BE A PRINCESS!" Yes.

I'm not proud.  

She still made the cutest skeleton/pirate I've ever seen.  On Halloween night, it was freezing cold, so I put her pink Strawberry hat on her with a coat, so everyone just assumed she was a strawberry.  All well.  Hope you had a fun Halloween!

In her pirate pajamas at ZooBoo

Watching the penguins at ZooBoo (what-you don't trick or treat at a penguins house?)

Isaac and Harper were obviously Batman and Batgirl.  

"Batman" destroying "Scarecrow".  I thought it was funny.

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