Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TYI Shop Update...

Holy Smoly, Thanksgiving is tomorrow...  I've been having one of those weeks where you can't sit down because you know when you do you will NEVER be able to get up again.  I haven't blogged at all this month because it is just such a busy time of year and uploading pictures is kind of forgotten.

I am still here though:)  We have been really busy with the jewelry lately, which is great!  The men's collar stays and tie bars have been a huge hit and we've been busy getting them mailed in time for Christmas. 

If you didn't see it on our facebook page, we do have a Christmas deadline this year.  Just like in years past, our deadline is

December 1st
"Why so early?" you ask. "I don't like to do my shopping that early"
Well, thank you for asking.  The reason we set up our deadline by the first is because our turnaround time is 2 weeks.  Therefore, if you order by December 1st, it will ship no later than 15th.  We ship using first-class mail, which averages 3-5 days.  So, it should be there by the 21st.  However, December is a very busy month for the USPS and we don't want you mad at us if they take a little longer getting your order to you.  We want to make sure we give the postal service some cushion time so that it gets to you to give as a perfect Christmas gift!
"Will you take orders after December 1st and we can chance it?"
Yes.  We will STOP taking orders completely on December 7th, but we can't guarantee it will arrive by Christmas.  There will be upgraded shipping options available if you want to speed up the process.
"Can I pay a rush charge if I order after December 7?"
Nope.  We will be taking a shop V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N after that date and our shop will be closed until mid- January.  Customers will still be able to get ahold of us, but we won't taking orders or answering emails unless it regards a previous order.  We do this because we like cookies.  Seriously.  We want some time to make Christmas cookies with our kiddos and string popcorn to hang on the tree and watch The Christmas Story whenever we want.  This business is run by two moms, and our jobs of moms come first, especially during the holidays. 
"Do you have a special announcement that you want to make?"
Well, as a matter of fact, I DO!!  I'm excited to tell you that we will be having a facebook trunk sale in December!  These will be non-personalized items that will be Ready to Ship at marked down prices from our etsy shop!  Stay tuned for more information about it!
Oh...and did you see our Black Friday ad...have a fun shopping weekend!
 UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: Because of our awesome customers, we were forced to shut down earlier than planned.  As of December 1st, no more orders have been accepted and we are not offering rush shipment.  We have been working day and night to get orders shipped and are so grateful for the business!  Thanks again and we'll see you in January!!

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