Friday, August 22, 2014

The Red Tractor Nursery

After we lost Sawyer, I never planned to change his bedroom.  It would be a baby nursery shrine and I didn't really want anyone in there touching anything since it was ready for Sawyer to come home and sleep.  However, after a few months of being pregnant again, I felt the exact opposite.  I had to change everything.  The room had off white walls and a zoo theme.  I needed a change.  I needed to remember that this baby was a different baby and needed his own room and own decor.  I moved the furniture, decided on a new theme, and got to work painting walls.

I become quickly engulfed with his new red tractor nursery theme.  My husband works at Equipment Technologies, which produces shiny red tractor sprayers.  Therefore, the tractors had to be red- no John Deere Green in this house.

I really love the way it turned out.

I'm waiting for Mark to raise the crib bed this weekend- we used it with Delaney so it was dropped.  The adorable decal is from New Wave Signs from etsy.  My sweet sister-in-law sent us this super soft blanket with his name stitched on it and I can't wait to wrap him up in it.  I'm sorry the rug is wrinkled and off centered and YES I will get outlet covers before I put a baby in there.

The book shelves are spice racks from IKEA (Thank you, Pinterest).  At $3.99 each, we couldn't build shelves for cheaper.  I slapped a coat of red acrylic paint on them and hung them up.  I found the tractor blueprint on zulily and it is my favorite piece in the room.

I used this blanket as my color inspiration- I wanted all of the colors in the blanket to be present in the room.  It is super soft and really well made.  I found it on etsy from First Crush Designs.

The upholstery on my old garage sale glider was pretty beat up, so rather than repairing it, I bought a new blanket and pillow.  I NEEDED the pillow because of the red tractor.  It is also from etsy, of course- the shop is Polka Dot Apple, and she has a ton of super cute designs.

Mark brought this home from work, since it was difficult for me to find tractor "sprayer" toys and decals.  Not everyone wants a pesticide spraying machine sticker on their baby's walls, but I love incorporating what Mark does into the baby's room.

And now...all I need is a baby and the room will be complete.  We have three weeks and counting and I am definitely counting...


  1. Love your nursery! Adorable! What a unique and meaningful theme!

  2. Love everything about this nursery!

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