Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, we worked from 9-3 on jewelry today. We had some new copper necklaces we have been working that we WANTED to take pics of and post on the website. However, right after Brodi started taking pictures, some ominous black clouds rolled in. Our pictures look best in natural light, so the camera went away for the day. A few hours later, the REAL storms rolled in, which are still passing by right now. A house on my street was struck by lightning (no one currently lives there) and so there was basically a neighborhood block party outside while we watched the firemen put out the fire in the rain (I guess we live in a nosy neighborhood and were all willing to risk our own lives in the lightning to watch them work). Anyway, in tribute to the summer storms, here are some of my favorite storm inspired pieces from etsy!

Afternoon Shower Tee by

Tower of Yesterday by

Rainy Day Apron by

Rainy Drops Coinpurse by

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