Friday, April 27, 2012

Life through my phone

I decided to link up with Life Rearranged this week for her Insta-Friday.
Here is a small peek of my week...

 Delaney and her cousins played in her great-grandmas backyard earlier in the week.  Our backyard is not much larger than a postage stamp, so it is nice for her to be able to really run around.

I have been slightly obsessed with guacamole lately.  I buy those "guacamole" seasoning packets, mix with the avocados, and put it on pretty much everything we eat except for pancakes.  
This was a BLT WITH guacamole.

Del wants to play "ring around the rosey" pretty much all day everyday.  She only says "ashy, ashy" and then she falls on her booty.  
Over and over again.

My friends have been talking about CHARMING Charlie non-stop for a few months, so I FINALLY 
made the 40 minute drive to check it out.  I was in complete awe and after walking around for an hour, still felt like I didn't see everything.  I still managed to spent more money than intended, of course.

Since Del woke up at 6 am today, we went to McDonalds for breakfast.  Del made sure to share her fruit parfait with Sirius when we got home.  Then, of course, she finished the rest on her own.

And, FINALLY, here is a sneak peek of a FEW new designs.  We have our photo shoot on Monday and have been working non-stop making new designs.  
Can't wait for your to see the final products...

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