Thursday, June 14, 2012

embracing the camera [phone]

I'm embracing the camera today- with a green wig and sharing some other instagram pics.  
We had a good time at a birthday party over the weekend [obviously].  
My favorite part of the day was when Delaney would quietly take all of the birthday girl's new toys into the photobooth to play with them.

I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately with my new camera.  I think I'm super paranoid ever since I ruined my old camera with cherry cola.  I don't love my camera phone, but when you instagram them, they instantly look better, like I tried to make them look fuzzy and faded.

Delaney likes to mix all of the paint together until it's dark brown and green and looks like poop.  I think I'm supposed to keep all of her artwork, but it all just looks like a dirty diaper.

This is how Mark and I spent Memorial Day.  
He likes to say we are old souls.
If old souls like to watch the sun go down 
while sitting on a porch in a rocking chair, 
listening to big band music, 
eating a strawberry ice cream cone, 
and watching people blow up a hot air balloon...
then he is right.

Delaney baby beach body might be the highlight of my summer.
This girl rocks the baby rolls in her tankini.
We've been spending almost every day rotating between my grandma's pool, 
our neighborhood pool, and the town splash pad.
What did we ever do in the winter??

 We have some new pictures!!  Super excited- this is our facebook banner.  
Hopefully the website will be updated in the next few weeks...

Don't forget to embrace the camera- even if it with your phone!!

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