Wednesday, June 6, 2012

summer evening, handmade dresses, and a baby.

 A couple of weeks ago, my mom called to tell us that everyone was coming over for brownies that night. 

"Is there an occassion?"  I asked.  "No, Brit (my sister-in-law) wants to get together because she hasn't seen anyone for a while."

That was a perfect explanation to me.  It had been a while (about two weeks, which is a while for my family) since we all got together. 

But Brodi immediately concluded that the only reason to have a non-dinner just brownie get together was because G & B (our brother and sis-in-law) must be making an announcement. 

"There is no way that they are making a pregancy announcement, Brodi.  It is JUST brownies.  You are reading way to much into this."

I was wrong! 
 I guess a just brownie get together is secretly code for a pregnancy announcement because they announced we will have another baby in the family in December! 

After the announcement, we ate more brownies and had the girls put on their new dresses that their great-grandma made for them. 

I LOVE handmade dresses.  And Delaney LOVES her cousin "IGICK" (Isaac).

Even though you are in a fancy handmade dress, it doesn't mean you can't have a pile on in the grass.  Dress can't stay clean forever.

I think they were talking about the new baby in the family and how they will be the first to lift him or her up and push them in the stroller.

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