Monday, June 4, 2012

Winners and Craft Show display

First of all....the winners of the giveaway!  Drumroll please....

Winner of $50 gift certificate- Deborah Hassig

Winner of $50 gift certificate- JBAM

Winner of $25 gift certificate- Tracy T


Please email us at within a week and we will email you your gift certificate!!

(all winners chosen using RANDOM.ORG)


In TYI news, we had our first show of the year a few weeks ago.  It is SO much work, but I always enjoy craft shows.  I love shopping at them as much I enjoy selling at them.  It is fun to meet other people who are also trying to make a business work for them by using their creativity and abilities and hand making items to sell.

We were blessed to be busy during the entire show, so I didn't even have a chance to take a picture with me in it, or a picture of any other booths.  We have really made a lot of changes to our booth since we first started.  Here is a picture of our booth at this show LAST YEAR

Since then, we have made a lot of changes.  The black curtain did NOT belong to us (it was the booth's behind us), but we realized we loved the divider. 
We found a gorgeous green divider, bought a dress form who we named Bettie Jean (she is currently in a trash bag in my garage, which kind of creeps me out), have a new business card design, found fitted table cloths, changed our layout and updated all of our pictures, of course. 

Here is a picture of our booth from the same show, THIS YEAR

We have another show in 2 weeks, where we have to set up our own tent, which is a bit more work, but gives us more space. 

The best part about this show is that the majority of the orders were premade necklaces and not custom orders.  We love custom orders, but it is nice when our premade necklaces are sold and our work is done!

I look forward to a great craft show season this year!

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