Thursday, September 27, 2012

Embrace the Camera in Minnesota

Last weekend, the 3 of us drove up to Minnesota with my parents for my cousin's wedding.  I envisioned hours of shopping at the Mall of America, shopping for new furniture at IKEA, a gorgeous wedding and quality time with family.  While the last two were true, I learned that shopping with a 2 year-old is not reality.  
The Mall of America was a great place to see- we were able to take advantage of the amusement park and Delaney rode rides for the very first time. 
She had a great time and I could not believe she rode a roller coaster.   

When it came time to shopping, however, it was not really an option.  By that point, Del was exhausted and thought it would be fun to scream, go limp when we tried to pick her up, throw her body to the floor, and demand to be out of her dirty mall rented stroller (sounds like a 2 year old, right?).  My low point of the day was in the Disney store.  I had picked out a glass Minnie Christmas ornament.  I showed it to Del and she threw it on the floor and broke off the ice skating leg.  awkward. 
After licking up some cheese, her attitude improved (there was a pretzel too, but she just wanted to lick the cheese, okay?).  My only purchase though was at The Dollar Tree.  I go to the world's largest mall and make my purchases at The Dollar Tree. 
A bargain's a bargain.

Ikea was a similar situation- it became a marathon rat race of how fast we could zigzag through the store following the arrows on the floor with a crying toddler.  How DARE Ikea for not having cell service so my daughter could watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my iPhone. 

Don't be fooled...this ride was way rougher than it looks.  I think I got a little whiplash.

This was when we first arrived.  Before the meltdowns.  When we thought that we were going to get to shop.
We did have a great time at the wedding, though.  It was absolutely gorgeous- a backyard wedding with a vintage feel.  It was also great talking to some of my relatives that I very rarely get to see.
My lovely aunt and uncle
My lovely parents

Notice Mark and I are on the side chasing Delaney during the party.

Del made a friend, who was dressed very sharp.

During the ceremony

Attaching the ball and chain.  Could they be any cuter?!

This girl would rather drive a tractor than pay attention to a wedding ceremony.

Overall, we had a great time.  I learned a few lessons (like never, ever take a 2 year old on a road trip ever again), but I'm sure I'll forget my lessons in a few months. 


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  1. What a beautiful wedding! Oh, the life of parents....I completely get the standing off to the side of what's happening so the kid can run around and let out some energy! Fun times!!! :) :)



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