Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hodge Podge combined birthday Party

Ever since I started blogging, I have felt the need to have a pinterest/blog worthy party.  You know- the kind  that look like this:

So far I have yet to throw a party like that, but it IS on my to-do list.  

Delaney turned 2 a few weeks ago. The girl is obsessed with Mickey Mouse, so i knew I wanted to do a Mickey Mouse party.  My nephew's birthday is two days before Delaney's birthday.  After looking at a calendar, we realized the only way we could have a family party was to have a combined party.  
Which meant, we had a new theme:

Spiderman/Minnie Mouse

I know- it's super classy.  My decor consisted of the following hodge-podge decorations:

leftover 1 year birthday balloons
leftover 1 year-old birthday crepe paper
Transformers Happy Birthday banner (Yes, I KNOW Transformers was not the theme!  But Brodi found it on clearance, mkay?!)
a multi-colored clearance Target birthday pennant that should match any color scheme
homemade ziploc baggie party favors with NASTY colored twizzlers (seriously, they are cute and colorful, but they are gross.  Don't ever buy them)

Okay, so my party had horrible decorations and rather than cute homemade entrees and desserts, we bought $5 Little Caesars pizzas and a $15 giant Costco cake that we decorated with dollar tree decorations.  Okay, I'm noticing a new theme: cheap  frugal.  This was a frugal party, thank you.

It really didn't matter whether or not I tied the back of my chairs with $30 fabric though- because the kids had a good time.  
It was only immediate family- we have TONS of family around here, so we have to limit it to people that lived in the same house as us growing up.  Harper and Delaney wore their matching Minnie Mouse dresses that my grandma made them.

Delaney was given many great toys, and stayed busy playing with her new race track, play keys, Minnie Mouse dolls, and Mr. Potato Head.  She was also given some new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs that are currently entertaining her while I get some blogging done.

Isaac didn't even mind sharing his 7 year-old birthday party with his younger cousin.  He was just excited to get his new Power Rangers, which kept him busy the rest of the evening.

I think everyone had a good time and was able to go home with a disgusting Twizzler party bag, which is always a sign of a good party.

{Sorry the pictures are dark and/or overexposed at times.  Evening pics with bad lighting never work well.}

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