Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My homemade playdough pin-test

The weather has been rainy here, so I thought I'd give a fun toddler activity a try.  I have been wanting to make playdough with Del, so I found a recipe on pinterest and bought some Cream of Tartar ('cause who actually keeps that in their cabinet?). 

I used THIS recipe that included this gorgeous picture:

I combined all the ingredients, and let Delaney do the stirring.

After stirring, we had to cook it.  I did NOT know I would have to cook the playdough.  weird.

I was pretty sure we messed it up.  First, it said to add four drops of food coloring.  I wanted to make purple, so I added 2 drops of red and 2 drops of blue.  Instead of purple, it became a weird zombie flesh color.  Then, I stirred and stirred and stirred while it was on the stove and it just looked like chunky dog vomit.   Then, I took it out and it was super hot, so I put it on wax paper to let it cool.  When I tried to pick it up to knead it together, the wax paper came with it. 
It was a serious mess and then Delaney kept reaching for it and it was too hot.  So she was crying and I was scraping super sticky zombie color dog vomit playdough off my counter.  BUT THEN, after "kneading" it for a few minutes, it became normal playdough.  Not as easy as I thought, but the final product was super soft and great playdough.  
If you look closely, you can see the tear under the eye as a result of waiting for the super hot playdough.

I suppose I would make it again, but I would add more food coloring and maybe let it cool a little before putting it on the wax paper.  I think we still had fun making something together though, which was the point all along.

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