Thursday, January 10, 2013

A NEW Year for Tag...You're It Jewelry!

It's been a long time since I blogged.  I was on a bit of a vacation, a hiatus, I suppose.  This November, Christmas orders were  

It was a month that I wasn't sure I would survive, but we made it and are ready for the new year.  We knew that the holidays would be a busy time- personalized items are a great gift, but I don't think we had any idea how busy it would be for us.  I get stressed. Easily.  I am a crazy over stressor, and I try to keep calm and carry on, but it is just not my specialty. 

However, we did have more help this year.  My dad is now an "employee" and became a vital asset to the jewelry team.  I know his dream in life was to retire early and get a job working for his daughters' jewelry business, so I am glad we were able to fulfill that dream.  My mother-in-law was also a huge help- she took Delaney EVERY day for me.  My mom or grandma was usually able to take Brodi's daughter, so we had free childcare for the month of November. 

Our last day to take orders was December 1st, which meant we needed to have all of the orders shipped by December 15th.  We pretty much worked day and night to meet our deadline, and I think I stamped in my sleep.  I did realize that we need to expand our men's line because wives love to shop for the husbands, much more than husbands love to shop for their wives!

On December 16th we were ready for a break.  That is what is so incredible about our jobs and our business- we can close when we need a break.  We can decide when to reopen and set our own schedule.  During the Christmas season, we went to the Children's Museum and saw Santa, we made Christmas cookies, did some shopping, watched movies, and had a great break. 

But now it's time for jewelry again.  It is great having an extra hand now because we can get more done in less time.  We have a lot to be excited about:

-One of our necklaces will be worn by Elena on The Vampire Diaries Episode 412.  It will either air in late January or early February, and I cannot WAIT to get some still images! 

-We have some new ideas in the works and have TWO new fonts on the way, and they are both beautiful.  I'm sure we will need some names to design some new necklaces with our new fonts! 

-We also have an entirely new fine silver and bronze collection available very soon, which will be completely unlike anything we have ever done (HINT: You will be the designer!). 

I'm rested and ready to make some more jewelry.  I look forward to another year of what this business will bring...

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