Friday, January 11, 2013

InstaFriday LinkUp Party!

So, with the expection of picture #1, most of these pictures are from December.  I haven't blogged since November though, so they are "new to the blog". 
It's allowed.

#1- I went to Target with my mom this week and ended up with some serious purchases from the Dollar Bin, including some Valentines decorations.  I also decided to buy a pretty $4 notebook for jewelry orders, instead of an 80 cent ugly one.  I splurged.

#2- This was our LAST shipment of holiday orders that went to the post office.  What. a. relief.

#3- Christmas morning and my girl is giving me orders about how to use her new art easel.

#4- Our new weekend hangout is McDonalds.  Because they have a new Playscape, so it hasn't built up years of germs yet.  In the middle of Indiana, this is what we do--> pump kids with french fries and then let them exercise.

#5- My favorite holiday picture of my girl- she LOVED the little tree with the individual lights.

life rearranged

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  1. Picture #5 is so sweet!! Your jewelry is so cute! Have a great weekend!



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