Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Crazy Girls (and their mothers)

Oh these girls. 
Every day that we work on jewelry is a gamble- will these two cousins be best friends or worst enemies?
Today, they were best friends. 
They are cousins, but act like sisters.
When you only have one pair of "princess" high heels and one Snow White dress, sometimes physical fights will ensue. 

Twice this week, after Harper (on the right) has walked out the door to go home, Delaney has crawled in my lap and said "I wanna take a nap". 
Got it. 
They exhaust each other as much as they exhaust their mommas. 
They are crazy, energetic, and usually both staticy and sweaty. 
Harper is 8 months older than Delaney, so she takes charge. 
If Harper wants to build a "piwwo pio" (pillow pile), then they are building a pillow pile, and Delaney immediately jumps on board. 
Today they both were playing in a tent in Delaney's bedroom.  I walked in to check on them and saw just their heads under the tent, but their bodies were laying out in full view. I immediately smelled Delaney (we are working on potty training, but we are not there yet).
I immediately asked "whew, Delaney, do we need to change your diaper"?
They were very still and I heard Harper's small voice say
"Shhh...She can't see you." 
I love their relationship.

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