Thursday, January 19, 2012

Embrace the Camera Thursday!

 I haven't been lugging my camera everywhere, so I have been taking more Instagram pics. 

Del has been spending a lot of time in her pajamas lately. When it is cold and snowy outside and I know we
won't be leaving the house, I just don't see the point of dressing her.  Is that bad? 

I put up my Valentine's Day wreath.  Here is the tutorial:
 It is $2.99 at the Christmas Tree Shops.

Indy FINALLY got an Anthrolopogie store!! 
 Can I afford anything? 
But I can browse like a champion.

 We made our fourth trip to the Children's Museum since we were given an annual pass last month. 
Love the carousel. 

Oh, and finally my embrace the camera picture.  I took this when we were playing at an indoor playground last week. 

Are you embracing the camera?  Be sure to capture some memories in your life!!


  1. I keep my 11 month old in his jammies when it's cold and when I know we aren't going anywhere, too :] Or, I at the very most will put him in comfy sweats and a fuzzy shirt... no jeans or uncomfy clothes ;] she is very cute!!

  2. Visiting from Emily's Embrace the Camera; we, mom included, stays in jammies somedays too!!

  3. Great photos! I just got an iPhone for Christmas and I too am loving Instagram. Can't wait to see your photos next week. I just heard about Embrace Your Camera. I'm #75 this week.



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