Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sticks and stones...

On Monday afternoons, I tutor a 3rd grade girl for an hour at my local library.  Yesterday, we headed back to the study rooms to see if there were any available.  When we got there, there were a few people quietly studying at tables, including a mom and her young son.  The 2 study rooms were occupied- there were about 12 teenage girls in each room (probably about middle school age).

Before we turned to find another spot one of the girls started yelling.  She was a very pretty young girl and was clutching a cell phone in one hand.  There was another girl standing in front of her and the cell phone girl started yelling in her face-
"Why do you keep following us?  
We don't like you and we don't want you around us! 
Go find someone else to follow and stay away from us!

The adults, including myself, were just staring and watching the girl yell.  I honestly didn't know what to do, but my heart broke for the so-called "stalker".  

I wanted to hug her.
I wanted to tell her that she should never want to be friends with those girls anyway.
I wanted to tell her to hold her head up high and tell her she was wonderful.
I wanted to go up to the mean girl and ask her why she would speak to someone like that because people shouldn't treat other people like that.  [I also kind of wanted to tape her with my cell phone, tell her it was going on youtube and that I was labeling it, "horrible ugly-on-the-inside mean girl in the library" but I think that was MY mean girl coming out].

Instead, I turned around with my 2nd grade girl and looked for another spot to tutor.  I did decide to tell the library staff about it, since they were obviously not studying and a girl was yelling.  in the library.

The whole situation bothered me all evening.  I would never want my daughter to be that bully in the situation OR the girl being yelled at.  I'm sure she was humiliated and even if she did act fine, I think the scars were already there.  

It reminded me that my most important job is not making jewelry.  It is not keeping my house spotless and it is not making sure dinner is on the table every night [not that I am succeeding at that by any means].  My most important daily job is raising my child.  I am responsible for a person.  And I want her to be caring, loving, gentle, confident, joyful, and a follower of Christ.  Although the last one is out of my control, I do pray for it daily.  

Since Del was born I have been worried about her health, her safety, her happiness, and her future.  Yesterday I was reminded that my focus and prayers should also be on the 
kindness and gentleness of her spirit

That is a serious job to have and I think I needed the reminder yesterday that it is much more important job than being "successful" in this world

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  1. Well said, Kelsey! I am also frequently reminded of this as I try to navigate motherhood with my kiddos. Thanks for sharing...I enjoy your blog!



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