Monday, January 23, 2012

[NEW] Mixed Metals Heritage Collection!!

Sometimes I feel like winter lasts an eternity, while summer is just a short blip of the year. 

It has been bitterly cold here, and I am ready for a warm up.

It was time to add a little warmth to our designs...

Tag...You're It Jewelry is introducing our 
I love, love, love our fine and sterling silver, but I sometimes need a little color in my life.

 Along with our fine and sterling silver, this collection also includes copper, brass, and swarovski crystals.

The metals in this collection have the warmth you need to beat the

winter blues.

Most of the designs in our shop are sterling silver,
but we thought it was time to shake it up a little

We're now including a more vintage, oxidized copper that we have distressed during the jewelry making


These pieces remind me a fireplace crackling during these cold evenings.

This new collection will be available this week in our ETSY SHOP and WEB SHOP!

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