Monday, February 20, 2012

New in Shop!

We have really been trying to get some new men's items in the shop lately, and I am overly excited about the new guitar pick/golf marker cases that came in last week.

Do I play guitar? No.
Do I golf? No.

But I still think they are adorable.  When Mark saw them he said, 
"hmm...kind of makes me want to play the guitar." 
"Yes, I know. Me too."
Oh the power of a leather snapcase keyring.
Who knew?

We also started selling copper guitar picks (obviously).  These are great less expensive version of our sterling silver picks and will eventually have a nice even tarnish like an old penny.

Copper and I have had a long standing love-hate relationship since the color is always changing on me, but recently I'm starting to really L-O-V-E it.

The new case is also GREAT for golf markers!  
You can find the carrying case by itself HERE.

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