Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My current fashion bag is bad for the environment...

This is my current diaper bag.

Try not to be jealous.  Maybe if you work hard you can save up to get one too.
Yeah, I'm embarrassed.

The bag I was using had a fruit cup explode in it  last week and I haven't cleaned it yet.  
But while the mandarin oranges stink up my laundry room, I have had time to think and decide I wanted a new bag anyway.  

The bag I was using was just an old purse that has NO organizers.  It was one of those deep dark into the abyss bags that you dig through for hours before you find what you need.

I spent an hour this morning searching for my new bag.  
I need to use it for a camera bag/purse/diaper bag.

I didn't find anything I was in LOVE with, but I was in LIKE with these-

1. Jo Totes bag (I love the longer strap on this design)

2. Darby Mack bag on etsy (I love the orange color, which would work for summer and winter)

3. Darby Mack bag on etsy

4. And my favorite... Jeanne Oliver Designs bag on etsy

The only problem with the bags are that I am frugal or  My normal purses are whatever is out of season on clearance at Target.  I know some people consider that a positive trait and it CAN be, but I'm still dwelling over the fact that I splurged on the $5 breadsticks included frozen pizza last week instead of the normal $2 frozen pizza.

I know that all of the bags are WORTH the pricetag.  They are SUPER nice, well made quality bags that would probably last me forever, but instead I choose to buy cheap things that last one season and break.

I splurge on somethings- my face makeup from Merle Norman, my sunglasses that I broke last week after 7 years of wearing were Maui Jim's...but that is pretty much it.

I'll keep you posted whether I splurge and feel guilty about it for a year, or if I find a clearance bag somewhere- but I'm thinking I might need to splurge :)

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