Thursday, February 2, 2012

Embrace the Camera Thursday!

So, my sis and I have really been trying to work evenings instead of during the day on the jewelry.  We HATE to give up a few evenings a week, but we have learned that working with 2 little girls under the age of 2 is...
Although it makes our turnaround time a little slower, I think it is worth it to spend our days playing and cuddling with the girls and working in the evening while they sleep. 
Del and I have been pretty laid back lately, and this was one of our afternoons, which involved watching Kung Fu Panda- again. 

Are you embracing the camera?  I hope you are trying!!


  1. Um, Harper is 2 and a month. You've just lost your Super-Aunt status.
    But it's still impossible to work with them both around. :)

  2. You daughter is a cutie, I love her cheeks! I also love your jewelery!

  3. Thanks for your comment!! Your little one is precious! :) Love that last picture!!

  4. Lol- I knew that and had "2, 2 and under" and thought it sounded weird, so I changed it without even thinking about the fact that she is not under 2 and it would make the statement wrong. I was just trying to make it flow...



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