Thursday, March 15, 2012

Embrace the Camera

Who doesn't love a giant children's consignment sale??  On Tuesday, Brodi and I shopped at
Whale of a Sale, which is held twice a year. 
I honestly do almost all of my shopping for Del there. I buy all of her summer clothes at the spring sale and her winter clothes at the fall sale. 
I am fully admitting that almost everything Delaney wears has been worn by some other little girl at some point. 
Sometimes I feel bad, but most days I feel smart

I usually stick with the $2-$3 outfits, but this year I splurged a little...
 I found this Matilda Jane dress for $20.  It would be around $60 brand new.  I know it is not "Easter" colors, but I think it will be her Easter dress.
I also splurged on this petunia pickle bottom for $40 (at a consignment sale is was TOUGH to pay $40) BUT a brand new bag is $198, so I feel good about the purchase.
And I know most parents might regret this plinky annoying piano, but Del LOVES playing keys, so I couldn't pass it up.  It retails for $70 and I bought it for $15.

Hope you are having a great week!  Don't forget to embrace the camera!


  1. Man! I would be all over a Matilda Jane for $20! That was a steal!

  2. I love a great deal! Good shopping! Great photos! :)
    Happy Embracing!

  3. I do the same thing, we have 2 big consigment sales here twice a year as well! Ours is coming up at the end of this month & I can't wait! That piano is adorable! Now your latest follower! Hope you can come over for a visit & maybe follow back sometime!

  4. Wow! You got some great scores! How sweet is that dress?! And that Melissa & Doug piano is great.

  5. those are great finds! I love thrifting...its kind of an addiction...and a sale is my ultimate weakness...besides coffee...but that's another conversation all together ahahah love your blog! and your thrifty style!!!



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