Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games PAR-TAY!!

Is there anything more fun than dressing up and pretending to kill each other with a group of church friends?  
I don't think so. 

My good friends, who are also sisters, hosted a Hunger Games Party.  Yes, the books are written for middle school age kids AND the central theme is about kids as young as 12 killing each other in a televised event, BUT if you haven't read them, you should.  
I even talked Mark into reading them, and I don't think he's read a non- textbook since the Bush Administration.  

These are the same girls who held the amazing Twilight Party last year. And I will stay friends with them forever since they throw great parties and always have cute party favors.  

And yes, we did recreate the hunger games.  
They had squirt guns set up in a pile and after the games began, we had to fill our guns and then try to kill squirt one another.  
My gun shot water about 5 inches out, so I was killed by a supersoaker early on.
 Our dinner included hot dogs squirrel that we had to cook ourselves over a fire and rolls from Peeta's dad's bakery.

A few of them went to the midnight showing, but Mark and I are going to go this weekend when we have a baby-sitter.  
I get violently angry after 11 o'clock a night, so it is best if I am asleep by that time.

Happy Hunger Games!

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  1. What a fun party! The movie was fantastic! Enjoy it with your hubby!!



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