Monday, April 16, 2012

That's Elmo's World...

Delaney will be 2 in August (okay, she is technically 20 months, but before I had kids, I had to count on my fingers how old that was, which annoyed me).  So, she's almost 2.

She has a slight love for Elmo.  She probably asks me to watch "ehmo" 15 times a day.  At least.  AND we don't have DVR, which means we can watch it at 10 o'clock once a day.  
OR we can watch the two elmo videos we own, which I have memorized.

So, we HAD to get her tickets to Sesame Street Live, even though she will not remember it and when buying tickets, we knew there was a slight chance that she would scream through it or sleep through it.  

We ended up having a great time and only had to leave about 10 minutes early since she was trying to rush the stage.  
I am letting you look at almost all of my pictures, 'cause I know how much fun it is to look at other people's family photos.  

I didn't cry at any of the vocal performances like I did during Wicked
 (seriously even when listening in my car, I usually shed a tear), 
but the voiced over recordings sounded great:)

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