Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chain, Chain, Chain...

Some changes around the Tag...You're It shop.  

FIRST, we have TWO completely new products that will be debuting next month 
AFTER our professional photo shoot 
{yes, we mean professional, not with our own cameras in our grandma's backyard like last time}.

I'm super eager and excited about the new products, but trying to be patient.  

A change that is already in the works is our new chains.  We will still be carrying our ball chains, but our new standard chains will be box chains.

We love the ball chains, but we felt a lot of people were wanting something "daintier" or "girlier".  
Brodi and I have been wearing/testing the box chains for over a month and are in love and we hope you love them too.  

We have been photographing new pictures of necklaces with the new chains and have also updated some of our necklaces.

So I always felt like the first picture looks like I ran over the necklace with my car, but it is our #1 seller, so we haven't updated it until now.

We also have some new designs.  Most of them won't appear until after the [photoshoot], but 
here is another mixed metal necklace that we added to our shop after a custom order 
our new chains.

ALSO, don't forget that Mother's Day cutoff is April 20th UNLESS you choose to upgrade shipping.
Be sure to be a facebook fan to get a special discount!!

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