Saturday, July 14, 2012

Forcing you to look at my family vacation pics...

Okay...get ready for a ridiculous amount of pictures and if you're my personal facebook friend, you've probably already seen them. 
I understand if you're like,

"um, I'm gonna go to a different blog now.  I thought this one was about jewelry."

Yes, it is a blog for Tag...You're It updates, sales, and giveaways. 
But it is also the only way I have time to document my pictures right now.  I used to scrapbook, but since I haven't printed a picture since my daughter was born, I try to keep my life updated on the blog. 
And THEN, every year I print from a blog book from Blog2Print.  It is SO easy- they do ALL of the work and I highly recommend it if you have a blog too.  It is even easier than the photo books, because I don't have to arrange any pages.

So, here is Myrtle Beach 2012

We had such a great trip with my parents, brother and his wife, and sister and her hubby and kids.

It turns out Delaney hates the ocean.  She spent a LOT of time digging sand castles instead...

Her cousin Harper tried to get her into the water, but she was content under her shady umbrella, digging for treasure.

We were able to trick her one day by digging a super long path from the umbrella down to the water.  They both called it a water slide and "slid" down it towards the water.  This resulted in some serious sand in the diaper issues.

When she realized she was getting too close to the water, and we were tricking her, this would happen....



Isaac spent a lot of time in the ocean...

Isaac showing off his buried treasures.

Harper was excited that she found treasure too.
Yes, it is a rock.

She's still rockin' the pacifier.  Usually she has three- one in each hand and one in her mouth, so this is progress.

This was the best picture we were able to get of the three kids.
So, yeah...

The wind made my hair look bald, but I think this is the best we're going to look...

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