Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life through my phone

1] Delaney and her cousins, Isaac and Harper. 
These three are so rotten and so wonderful at the same time. 
2] Spending time with some farm animals on a farm where we had a family cookout.  I couldn't live on a farm, but I sure enjoy visiting!
3] our view from our balcony in Myrtle Beach
4] Good afternoon, Bella and Edward.  I am happy to see you in my mailbox.
5] pink lemonade cookies for the pool.  a little delicious and a little gross at the same time
6] adorable Father's Day candy jars that they handed out in Del's Sunday School class
7] this girl loves her ice cream.  more than me, I think.
8] she liked to hop rides on the luggage cart
9] fourth of July was HOT.  We stayed for half the parade and spent the rest of the day in the A/C and pool.
10] Neighborhood kids made a giant slip-n-slide down a hill.  horrible picture, so use your imagination.
11] she reads with a helmet on, just in case.
12] Did I mention it was hot and dry???  Every blade of grass is dead and every plant is dead.  Now, if you have green grass you're being judged by the rest of the neighborhood 'cause we know you're violating the water sprinkling ban.  Shame on you, green grassers
Mark loves it 'cause he hasn't had to mow in months.

1 comment:

  1. In number one...all three are looking at the camera! How did you DO that?! Adorable. I think I need an 8 x 10 (I'm not kidding).



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