Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear two-year-old birthday girl,

Dear 2-year-old Delaney,

This year has seriously flown by.  I know all mothers say that, but it's true.  I feel like we were just celebrating your Elmo party, and now Elmo is long gone and getting ready to be sold in garage sales.

This has been the year of Mickey Mouse.  Your daddy and I decided to get rid of cable to save some money, which means we do not get to DVR Mickey Mouse.  Instead, we own two DVDs and I'm pretty sure they won't last much longer.  Sometimes you take a break, and watch "ewah" (Cinderella), but not a day goes by when you don't want to watch "Mickey Mouse".  You keep your stuffed Minnie at your side at all times and won't go to sleep without her.

I often refer to you these days as a parrot.  Sorry, kid.  But you repeat EVERYTHING we say.  You are a great talker and like to mimic our words.  Usually, a conversation goes like this:

"Let's get ready to go bye-bye"
go bye-bye!
"Go get your shoes on"
sues on! Okay, mommy.
"We're going to the store"
to the stow?

and so on... It's pretty adorable, especially when you try to repeat everything I say during your prayers at night as soon as the words leave my mouth.  You also say "okaayee?" after pretty much everything.

You also like to sing like mommy and you are a dancing fool.  Most of your dancing involves spinning in a circle, yelling "ashey-ashey" and then you fall on your behind (your version of ring around the rosie).  When you don't want me to sing, you put your hand out like a stop sign and yell "STOP MOMMY, STOP!"  It sometimes hurts my feelings, especially if it's a loud pop ballad.

You've kind of stopped eating meals.  Instead you snack on applesauce and cheese cubes all day and takes bites of meals here and there.  You love your milk and juice like mommy loves her baja Mountain Dew.

Your best friends are your cousins, Harper and Isaac.

You run everywhere you go.  There is no walking. ever.
Sometimes you throw tantrums-like in Walmart, where the employee let me go in the 20 item and under even though I had a full cart because I looked like a crazy frazzled woman and she didn't want me to cause a scene.  And then we both left crying.  But those days are few.

Most of the time, you are such a good girl.  You have a soft voice and a gentle spirit.  Today, you warmed my heart when you asked to be rocked at naptime (rockee, rockee?).  You love your mommy and daddy and of course, "sheriush" (our dog, Sirius).  If I ever even look sad for a moment, you come over and say "you okay, mommy?"  And if you accidentally step on a foot, you always say "shawee mommy" (sorry).

You kind of have a mullet right now.  We're growing your bangs out, so I think you'll forgive me later in life.  You hate to have your hair fixed, but always say "tank you mommy" through the tears when I'm done.

Your perfect day includes waking up and watching Mickey, playing with toys, going to the park, and maybe some Orange Leaf Yogurt (or is that my perfect day?) Well, maybe it's our perfect day.

You still aren't a great sleeper.  You never have been.  You just really like to wake up super early and you only like to take a short hour nap.  I hear about others kids your age who sleep in until 9 and sleep 3 hours in the afternoon.  I guess you missed that baby memo.

You're growing super fast right before my eyes.  It's nice to be able to know what you need know for the most part because you're talking more and more to me everyday.  Your daddy and I have so much fun playing with you everyday and cuddling with you every evening.  We pray that you will know Christ when you get older and spend your life glorifying and serving Him.  We pray that He will give you the desires of your heart and that He will protect and guide you through every step of your life. 

We love you so much girly-girl. 
You are my sunshine and I hope you have a

HAPPY 2 year-old BIRTHDAY!

Your Mommy

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