Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shop Update

Okay, it is August 22nd, which means we're rolling into the Christmas season.  Hobby Lobby has had their Christmas trees out for about two months now (thanks for stressing me out Hobby Lobby), and as soon as the "back to school" promos end, it will be time for the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas commercials.

My sister and I been very blessed with Tag...You're It Jewelry.  Sales are fairly steady throughout the year, with an increase around Mother's Day. However, we do almost half of our yearly sales between October and November.  We would probably do well during December too, but we close our shop during the month of December to spend time with our families.  Yes, we're missing out on a lot of Christmas sales, but baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate with a 7 year-old and two 2-year-olds is a time that can't be replaced.

Brodi and I have been trying to get as much ready as possible.  Along with online orders, we will also be participating in four "shows" this fall, which requires a lot of prep work.  We just ordered more business cards and have been trying to stamp "extra" unpersonalized necklaces as much as possible.  We have also been trying to update the shop with as many new designs as possible.

This necklace was designed for Denise Richards.  We are part of a group called "The Artisan Group".  We have the opportunity to send celebrities gifts that actually gets into their hands through this group.

We were also able to send a necklace to Nia Peeples, from Pretty Little Liars.  She ended up wearing our necklace and tweeting a picture of herself, which was pretty great.

Here are a few other designs that are new to the shop recently:

All of our new designs are available in our etsy shop {} and our website {}

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