Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Obsessions 2012

As summer is winding down (okay, it's not really winding down, but I like to pretend it will not be this hot for the rest of my life), I have decided to share what I've been obsessed with over this summer.  These are just a few things on my list that I'm crushing on (do people still say that?):
Future society books

A friend recommended both of these book series to me.  I think they are for teenage girls, but I still love them.  They are just more of the Hunger Games style- future United States, un-utopian society, teenage girl power who happen to fall in love.  Both of the series currently have two books written and the final books come out next year.  I was dying at the end of Pandemonium...I am in agony waiting for the sequel.

Jamberry Nails

So, my sis-in-law starting selling these, and I had never heard of them, but after trying, I think I will have them on my toes for the rest of my life.  They are kind of like the Sally Hansen sticker nails BUT they stay on for weeks (I just took my toenail ones off after 2 weeks- they looked fine, but I was ready for change).  I love that they don't chip and the color and print options are so much fun.  I chip nail polish off after 2 minutes, and i kept my jamberry nails on my fingers for a week (only one was falling off at that point, and it could have been fixed with nail glue, but I took them off 'cause I was again ready for a new pattern).  Anyway, I'm obsessed. You can order them HERE if you're interested!

The Dark Knight Rises

Ugh.  Okay, I know this is supposed to be a girly jewelry blog, but I'm sorry, I love superhero movies.  More than my husband does.  I grew up convinced I was going to marry Superman and dressed like Supergirl for Halloween a few times.  I played Power Rangers with my brother and boy cousins until I was in junior high and have always loved good movies.  And after seeing The Dark Knight finale last weekend, I can say that I loved it. 
Loved.  It.

Orange Leaf Yogurt
I hate when people talk about their love of froyo (I feel like it happens frequently), but I can't help it.  I wouldn't have made it through this summer without a weekly pineapple/coconut cup of frozen yogurt with some raspberries and weird jelly fruit ball things on top.

Target farrah fretwork curtains

I bought a blue pair to go in my living room (even though I have green and white walls, it still looked great) and then a black single curtain for the office.  I'm trying to figure out where I can put the orange color even though I have no bare windows left.  Oh and they're on sale until tomorrow at

library movies
What?!  I can rent Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movies AND new release movies from my local library for free and keep them for a week and then renew them on my computer when I'm too lazy to return them?  Who knew?! 

Pinterest recipes

(this was a chicken parmesan I made- it looks burnt, but it wasn't.  it was delicious. recipe HERE)

This has changed my cooking life.  I HATE cooking.  HATE it.  Absolutely loath and despise it.  I hate spending 40 minutes cooking and then it is eaten in 10 minutes and I have a sink full of dishes.  SO, I've spent the summer finding crock pot recipes that involve throwing frozen chicken and random cans of food into it and having a meal 6-8 hours later.  You can find me on pinterest here.

What are your current summer obsessions?

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