Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i love my friends...and cute vampires

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I first read the Twilight books 3 years ago and LOVED them...which I would never admit to anyone since I am now 27 years old, married and have a child UNLESS my grown-up friends loved them too...AND they do (sorry-that was a long sentence).
 Everytime a new movie comes out, I think it gives us adults a reason to pretend we're 17 again and clap when Jacob takes off his shirt (hmm...was that just me...all well, I've already told Mr. H how shiny Jacob's abs are).

One of my good friends threw a Breaking Dawn premiere party a couple of weeks ago.  I thought we were just going to her house for dinner, but when I walked in, I became giddy like I was at a kid's birthday- when I was a kid.
(sorry- some of the pics are blurry- I haven't ready my camera's instruction book yet and was too tired to edit.  That's on my to-do list.)

The house was decked out in Twilight decor and we ate dinner by candlelight.  I told Mr. H when I got home that it was the nicest dinner I had ever had. 
His response- "I'll try not to take offense to that".
I was waiting for Edward to walk in and propose, even though I would have to tell him no and to just forget about me already.  

The hostess and her adorable sisters even made party favors for us.  The last party favor I got probably came in a Rainbow Bright bag. 
I was secretly very excited. 

Enjoying the delicous Italian dinner while holding up the glasses that had special candy "blood" around the rim.
Loving their Twilight t-shirts.  On the back they had writing. 
My favorite said "Team Edward...until Jacob takes his shirt off.  Don't tell my husband."
Yeah no one told me that it was a silly picture. 
...and no one told me to pretend I was a vampire and start biting necks. 
I guess I didn't hear the announcement.

I love when you have friends that you can be crazy with and enjoy some good old vampire fun.

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