Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An afternoon without Baby

I am fortunate in that my parents and Mark's parents both live about 10 minutes from our house.  So, I almost always have a babysitter when needed.  Today, I decided I would take my mother-in-law up on her offer to watch Delaney.  I had some things to get done, so I packed her bag and sent her on her way.  She has been gone about five hours and so far Brodi and I have accomplished the following:

updated blog w/ new picture and button
stamped three necklaces
oxidized, polished, hole punched, put together about six necklaces
packaged four necklaces
printed labels
cleaned my work space
took pictures of new necklaces
purchased our new domain!!-->
made dinner
emptied dishwasher
loaded dishwasher
packed Mark's lunch for tomorrow

It was a VERY productive day, but it is after 5 o'clock and I'm missing my Delaney-bug.  It is amazing how much I can accomplish without her, but I miss her when she is not here!  Her daddy should be home with her any minute and I can't wait to squeeze her.  How could I not want to give her a big squeeze and non-stop kisses?!  


  1. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm those pictures are GREAT! Who said that you can't take good pics?!?! FABBBBBY! one to lillypie facebook. or I'm telling Kaine where you live.

  2. Laura, she really can't take good pics. Thankfully, her sister can. ;-)



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