Monday, February 14, 2011

TYI's Shop/Office/Daycare :)

Right now, we live in a three bedroom house. We have a great room, where the living room and kitchen are like one large area with a half-wall between them. And we have the 2 bathrooms and a laundry room. That is pretty much the home tour.

When we moved in, I told Mark that one spare bedroom (now Delaney's room) would be our "guest" bedroom and the other bedroom would be "his" room (kind of like a mancave, but less cavish). I hung up all of his Marine Corps awards, his sword and Ka-bar (a large knife for all of the women out there), pictures and memorabilia. It was his room to study for school and get his homework done. That was three years ago.

I don't think he's been in the room in at least a year because it is now the "jewelry" room (with a sword and Ka-Bar on the wall). It is still being used as an office (for Tag...You're It business stuff). Oh, and a toy room for my nephew to keep "his" toys at my house (not the girly baby toys!). And a place to package up all of the orders. And a place to keep the pack n play. We take turns putting Harper (1 yr.) and Delaney (6 mos.) in it, but NOT at the same time because Harper currently likes to press on Delaney's face. And a place to hang the Johnny Jump-Up because Delaney loves to jump. It also stores my scrapbook supplies and gift wrap supplies. Oh, and my teaching stuff.

Of course I already have great plans for our "next" house (not that we have any plans on moving anytime soon). It will have Mark's mancave where I can showcase his Marine Corps awards. and a furnished basement where I can do all of the jewelry work. and of course four bedrooms for when our family grows. oh, and definitely a bigger least that is the plan.

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