Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I LOVE Consignment Sales (not to be confused with garage sales, which I also love)

So one day last year I was watching the Duggars.  You know, 19 Kids and Counting, the family who has 19 kids, yet still seems to have their life completely together.  I will admit that I do love the show because I feel that they are a family who really loves the Lord and it is evident in their actions.  Anyway, they went to this giant building where there were hundreds of strollers, highchairs, baby toys, clothes, etc.  I was pregnant at the time, so I became very interested.  They were saying that is was a "consignment sale" and that they have it every year at their county fairgrounds.  Of course my first thought was, "I wish we had those here!! [Indiana]"  I started searching on the internet and it turns out we did have consignment sales in Central Indiana.  There are actually three different sales both in the Spring and Fall!!!  Brodi and I decided we had to go shopping at these sales.  After a few sales, I ended up buying almost everything I needed to feel prepared for having a baby, including: 

90% of my maternity clothes, an exersaucer, a playmat, a brand new Laura Ashley pack-n-play, a Pottery Barn crib bumper, a changing table, a Bumbo with tray, a Boppee, a baby/activity gate, oh and oodles of clothes for Delaney!

Here are some pics from a kids consignment sale in the Indianapolis area, called Whale of a Sale

(Photos courtesy of Shuttergirls Photography)

P.S. If you want to shop at Indy's Whale of a Sale (March 10th)  BEFORE the pregnant women even have a chance, Tag...You're It! was given some VIP passes that we are GIVING away.  They are being sold online at $10.00 each.  You can have one for FREE by just sending us an email through our etsy or facebook page while they last:)

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