Thursday, October 13, 2011

Embracing the Camera and other weekly happenings

1. um... Brodi and Isaac held my iphone hostage.  This was supposed to be jewelry making time.
2. looks like Delaney loves pulled pork, which happens to be MY favorite food.
3. been busy filling orders from a jewelry show last weekend.
4. went to Brown County, Indiana this week, which included some great shopping.
5. loved looking at Halloween decorations in little shops, although I haven't even put out a pumpkin this year.
6. i had to pay Isaac $1.00 to rub my shoulders earlier this week.  it was a painful experience and i really wanted my dollar back, but you can't ask for money back from a 6- year-old (by the way, the dollar burned a HOLE in his pocket.  We were at Dollar Tree two hours later).
7 & 8.  enjoyed embracing the camera with Del in Brown County


  1. I love the collage! Great idea.
    I'm off to check out your jewlery, it looks beautiful already! =)

  2. The collage is a great idea, love the pictures!



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