Monday, November 14, 2011

My Weekend Collage

1. Mr. H had Lasik eye surgery yesterday.  I bought a Groupon for it, so it was buy one eye get one free (I'm always looking for a bargain).  I'm not gonna lie- it was kind of weird that they did the surgery on a Sunday in an office building (not medical building) and the waiting room was an office board room.  I was kind of waiting for a reporter to start interviewing me for a 20/20 special.  BUT, I'm happy to report that although he was legally blind before the surgery, he is now seeing great without any glasses and we no longer have to pay a small fortune for lenses!

2. I apologize to the small dog snuggie lovers, but I had to post this picture.  I just found it so ironic that a dog was born with a built-in snuggie that God gave them- why would they need a blanket with sleeves?  I saw this at a Christmas craft show and couldn't stop laughing.

3. CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE...TIME FOR JOY AND TIME FOR CHEER!!  I LOVE walking in Target and seeing all of the Christmas merchandise.  It is my favorite and I look forward to it all year long!

4. Saturday night we had a church family night/chili cook-off.  My church meets in a Fitness Center, so we had the gym to ourselves that evening.  We put Del and Harper in a raquetball court and they ran around and kept busy for an hour.  I really wish I had a raquetball court in my house.

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