Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday, Mr. H and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary! 
He surprised me with a dinner in downtown Indy and an overnight stay at the newest hotel, the JW Marriott.

Although excited, it was my first night away from Delaney since she was born, so I think I texted my parents a dozen times. 

My dad's final text said,

"Don't worry.  We've had children for 31 years now"

Okay- I get it.

and 8 years later...

Mr. H won this year for gift giving- I forgot to even get him a card.  Whoops. But I did draw him a card on Delaney's new etch and sketch.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. H !


  1. My parents said the same thing to me when we left Heidi for the first time!! Mom finally said, "Jamie we have done this before! FOUR TIMES!" Ha. Oh yeah. :)



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