Sunday, December 11, 2011

ShrinkyDinks and a haircut

We've pretty much been working elves around here, getting jewelry orders shipped for Christmas.  I wanted to entertain my nephew, Isaac, while we worked, so I introduced him to ShrinkyDinks.  He is 6 years old and this was his first experience with ShrinkyDinks.  He wasn't quite patient enough to watch them shrink the first time (it took about 3 minutes, which is an eternity for a 6 year old), but once he discovered what they looked like after those 3 minutes, he pulled up a stool up to the oven to watch the second batch of Pirates shrink.

 I also found something to entertain Harper- some air dry clay.  This kept her busy for at least 20 minutes and she would have played with it longer if I let her walk away from the table with it.

Unfortunately, rather than enjoying the sweetness of this picture of me and my niece, I was instead appalled at my hair. 
It has been awhile since I got a haircut.  I was "trying" to grow it out and it might have been successful if I hadn't seen this photo.  
I realized it had to go
So, I called a salon that takes walk-ins and walked-out with this:

It feels so much lighter and I don't look like a 27 year old who is one bad hair day away from a french braid.

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  1. I used to love shrinkydinks! And your new hair cut is awesome. :)



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