Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas festivities!

Life has finally settled down. We were able to get all of our Christmas orders shipped. 

Sorry to those of you who wanted to order and we had already shut down- we have all been hit with sickness this December and we needed a short break to spend some quality time doing Christmas activities with the family. 

Our shop will reopen on January 3rd!

Here is a look at the last few weeks:

1. A look at the delicious cookies I came home with after our church Christmas cookie exchange.

2. Wrap Party!  I loved this- a friend had a wrapping party and I was able to get all of my wrapping down in one night and had a great time!

3. Del taking the lights OFF of the tree.

4. Brodi having some wrapping fun.

5. The "mom's" group that I am in had a Christmas party where the kiddos exchanged gifts!

6. Decorating Christmas cookies!

7. Another look at the cookies at the Christmas cookie exchange

(okay a lot of my week involved Christmas cookies)

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